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1. What is Sao Khue Award?

Answer: Sao Khue Award, with its full name “Sao Khue Award Voting Program” is an annual program organized by VINASA since 2003, with the purpose of honoring and praising products and solutions, excellent service with leading reputation of Vietnam IT industry; assisting businesses in promoting, communicating, marketing products, solutions and services in domestic and international markets.

2. How can I know if I have successfully registered?

Answer: After opening an account successfully at http://dangky.danhhieusaokhue.vn/client/user/login, the system will automatically send a confirmation email to the email you used to register. You just need to click on the link on the email and then proceed to login again. Then you fill out the information in the instructions on the page.

3. Can a business register for multiple nominations?

Answer: Yes. Businesses can register multiple products / services participating in the same group / field or multiple groups / fields. Please see the information about specific groups and fields at: https://danhhieusaokhue.vn/en/doi-tuong/

4. Can a product / solution / service be registered in more than one group / field?

Answer: Absolutely, 01 product / service can be nominated in many different groups / fields. Please seee the information about specific groups and fields: https://danhhieusaokhue.vn/en/doi-tuong/

5. What is the specific schedule of Sao Khue 2020?

Answer: The specific schedule of Sao Khue Award Voting Program 2020 is as follows:

January 9 – March 6, 2020: Launching programs and records type records

March 16-19, 2020: Presentation round

March 21, 2020: Final round

April 25, 2020: Organizing the Announcement and Award Ceremony

May – December 2020: Communication program to promote products achieved the Sao Khue Award

Or see at: http://danhhieusaokhue.vn/en/homepagevn/

Time to receive records: from now until March 6, 2020.

6. Is there a limit to the number of products / services awarded Sao Khue Award?

Answer: No. The Sao Khue Honors Program is organized to honor quality information technology products / services, which are highly competitive and bring value to the community. Products / services registered for Sao Khue must go through the following rounds: Profile type; Presentation and General Selection, evaluated by the Judging Council as a choice based on the criteria mentioned at: https://danhhieusaokhue.vn/en/tieu-chi/. All products / services that meet the above criteria will be awarded Sao Khue Award.

7. Is there a fee to join Sao Khue?

Answer: There is no fee to register for the program. Only when the product / solution / service is voted Sao Khue, is it required to pay media and advertising expenses for that product / service in the year to achieve the Award. The fee is based on the revenue and field of products / solutions / services that achieve Sao Khue Award. Details can be found at https://danhhieusaokhue.vn/en/kinh-phi/

8. When are the results announced?

Answer: After the General Selection Round (scheduled for March 21), the Organizing Committee will contact and notify the results to each candidate unit participating in the program. The ceremony of announcing and awarding the Sao Khue Award will be broadcast live on television scheduled on April 25, 2020.

9. Will the products, solutions / services that have been awarded Sao Khue in previous years continue to be nominated in the following years?

Answer: Products that have achieved Sao Khue Award can still continue to be nominated if they still meet the evaluation criteria set by the Organizing Committee that year.

10. What are the post-communication activities, and how long does it last?

Answer: Products / Services with Sao Khue Award will receive a CUP and Certificate at live broadcast of Sao Khue Announcement and Award Ceremony scheduled for the end of April 2020. Enterprises having Products / Services with Sao Khue Award are allowed to commercially exploit Sao Khue logo with products and services recognized with the Award in business and marketing activities. . Have the right to bring Sao Khue logo in interface, brochures and / or on product and service packaging.

Also participate and benefit from the Sao Khue Media Program continuously throughout the year. For details, please see at https://danhhieusaokhue.vn/en/quyen-loi/

11. Are products, solutions / services of the company based in Vietnam but eligible for foreign investment?

Answer: Still allowed to participate, however, there must be proof that the nominated product / solution is under its ownership and has a copyright certificate.

12. Is a foreign company without a branch or office in Vietnam entitled to send products / services to Vietnam to participate in the program?

Answer: No, because this is a program to vote and honor the list of Vietnamese products / services.

13. If I don’t pay for communication, can I join the program?

Answer: In accordance with the Regulations of the Sao Khue Awards and Recognition Program, payment of media costs when receiving the Award is required. Enterprises fully research the information before registering. Once agreed to participate in the program, businesses must commit to comply with the provisions of the Organizing Committee. The Organizing Committee may suspend or remove the Award of the nominee if the Enterprise does not comply with these regulations. Details of the Regulations of the program can be found at link: http://danhhieusaokhue.vn/en/quy-che/

14. Can my company’s products / services not having copyright been allowed to join the program?

Answer: Yes, but the company must make a written commitment that the product / service is developed by its own unit, and at the same time include a plan for intellectual property registration for the product / service of your unit (using the form HERE). The company must return the judges certificate right after being granted the NOIP.

15. What are the scoring criteria?

The criteria for evaluating, voting and recognizing the Sao Khue Award in 2020 are specifically developed for each type of people participating in the vote, including criteria for direct evaluation of products, services, and Criteria for evaluating operational capability and brand reputation of enterprises and organizations that are owners of registered registration products and services to ensure the development of products and services that are recognized with Sao Khue Award, please see at https://danhhieusaokhue.vn/en/tieu-chi-chung/

Products / services for the presentation in the presentation round are graded according to each specific group of criteria at https://danhhieusaokhue.vn/en/bang-cham-diem/