Diễn Đàn Đất Đai


Entitlements of products and services that have recognized the title: 

  1. Received Sao Khue Cup and Certificate of Titles at the ceremony of announcing and awarding Sao Khue Award
  2. Having the right to commercially exploit the Sao Khue logo with products and services recognized the title in business and marketing activities.
  3. Have the right to bring Sao Khue logo in interface, brochures and / or on product and service packaging.
  4. Participate in and benefit from Sao Khue Communication Program. This is a promotion program designed specifically for products and services recognized as Sao Khue Award, with continuous activities throughout the year including:
  • Organized video recording, interview for the report about the introduction of Sao Khue products and services and broadcast on television.
  • Introduced in the “Sao Khue Award on TV” column of danhhieusaokhue.vn.
  • Introduced on VINASA website at vinasa.org.vn.
  • Introduced in turn on the electronic news of VINASA in the year.
  • Introduced and promoted images on the Digital Life Magazine http://www.nss.vn, specializing in business and technology page http://biztek.vn for products and services of Sao Khue.
  • Introduced on the Program’s official website: danhhieusaokhue.vn and on Vietnam’s IT Directory: www.danhbaict.vn, the most representative information portal about businesses, products, solutions and IT services Vietnam.
  • Introduced on the media sponsorship of the program according to the needs of businesses with many attractive incentives.
  1. Being introduced by VINASA to more than 2000 agencies, departments, ministries, branches, heads of provinces, cities, corporations, large corporations of Vietnam.
  2. Get support from VINASA to send letters of direct referral to potential customers of the unit whose products / services / solutions achieve Sao Khue Award
  3. Reported on television channels, newspapers, social networks …
  4. Granted priority, incentives when participating in trade promotion programs, domestic and international trade programs and business development support activities organized by VINASA throughout the year.
  5. Enterprises that have Sao Khue products and services supported by VINASA, organize seminars and exhibitions to introduce and market products / services to potential customers within the country and abroad (will work specifically depending on the needs of each business).
  6. Receive support for organization, promotion and communication activities through conferences, seminars, and connections with potential customers of the business if required.
  7. To participate in the roadshow to promote Sao Khue products and services in localities under each theme organized by VINASA during the year (expected from May to December).
  8. Products and services that achieve the Sao Khue Title Award will be prioritized to be considered for the nomination to join the APICTA 2020 Award held in Malaysia in September 2020 by VINASA. Information about the APICTA Awards is available at: http://www.apicta.org/-awards/apictaawards.