Diễn Đàn Đất Đai



(Amended, supplemented and issued together with Decision No. 02 / QD-VINASA of January 2, 2020 of the Standing Committee of Vietnam Software and IT Services Association)


Chapter I


Article 1. Sao Khue Awards:

“Sao Khue” is a noble title recognized by Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA) for the most outstanding products and services of Vietnam ICT industry. The program is chaired and held annually by VINASA, in collaboration with relevant agencies and units.

Article 2. Purposes of the program :

  1. Evaluating, selecting and recognizing Sao Khue Awards for outstanding products and services of Vietnam’s software and IT services industry in terms of quality, socio-economic efficiency, domestic and foreign competitiveness.
  2. Responding to the strategy “Make in Vietnam” led by the Ministry of Information and Communications’; Building the reputation of products, services and brands of Vietnamese software and IT services enterprises; Propagating, promoting and supporting the marketing of outstanding products of the software and IT services industry in the domestic and foreign markets.
  3. Responding to the “Vietnamese people use Vietnamese goods” campaign, introducing and promoting Vietnamese excellent software products, solutions and services to Vietnamese users.
  4. Orienting market development and consumption trend of Vietnam’s software and IT services industry; practically supporting software enterprises to expand their markets.
  5. Promoting the application of IT to create new development methods and enhance competitiveness in economic sectors, agencies and organizations, thus promoting the development of the digital economy.
  6. Pioneering digital transformation, innovation and start-up at agencies, organizations and businesses, helping to seize the opportunities of the 4th industrial revolution.
  7. Promoting cooperation between software and IT services enterprises and enterprises of industries other than ICT. 

Article 3. The Standing and Executive Agency

  1. The Program Standing Agency is the VINASA Office
  2. The Program Executive Agency is the Program Organizing Committee established by VINASA.


Chapter II


Article 4. Subjects

Subjects of the Sao Khue Awards are IT products, solutions and services of businesses, organizations in the software and IT services industry that have registered and/or established operation in Vietnam and been commercialized or applied in practice. The subjects are divided  in 5 groups including:

Group 1: Outstanding software products and solutions, recognized according to 24 specialized application domains. The list and the number of specialized application fields  are decided by the Program Organizing Committee annuallydepending on the actual situation.

Group 2: Products and solutions applying 4.0 technology regardless of fields, applying new technologies such as AI, SMAC, RPA, VR, AR, Blockchain …

Group 3: Products and solutions of start-up businesses, regardless of fields. Start-up businesses must satisfy 03 conditions: (1) Established no more than 3 years until the date of registration for the nomination; (2) The founder and / or developer of the nominated product must be the main shareholder of the company; (3) The start-up is not an affiliate or subsidiary of another company.

Group 4: New software products and solutions, regardless of fields, for newly developed software and officially released to the market but not more than 12 months until the date of registration for the nomination, already have revenue and/or users.

Group 5: IT services, divided into 09 specialized service areas. The list and number of specialized service sectors are selected annually by the Program Organizing Committee depending on the actual situation.

Article 5. Titles and forms of awards recognition

1. Awards:

a) The title “Sao Khue (*)” are awarded to: are:

  • Software products and solutions with good quality, creativity, utility, ease of use, good application efficiency, advanced technology, great social impact / influence, community support or bring high economic and social efficiency, good after-sales service, positive feedback from customers.
  • Serviceswith good quality, service providers have high capacity in implementing, controlling and maintaining service quality; high level of customer satisfaction; great market demand and socio-economic efficiency that services bring.

b) The title “TOP 10 Sao Khue (*)” are given to 10 products and services selected by the Judging Committee among those are qualified with the title “Sao Khue 2020” on socio-economic efficiency and prestigeprestigiuos brand, revenue, market share, number of users, innovative technology, breakthrough …

The asterisk (*) in the title reflects YEAR of the Program. For example, the program organized in 2020 will have the titles: “Sao Khue 2020”; “TOP 10 Sao Khue 2020”

2. Recognition:

a) Certificate of Sao Khue Awards

b) Sao Khue Cup

Article 6. Benefits:

  1. Receiving Sao Khue Cup and Certificate of Title.
  2. Having the right to commercially exploit the Sao Khue logo associated with products and services that have been recognized with the titles in business and marketing activities.
  3. Having the right to use Sao Khue logo in interface, brochures and/or on packaging of products and services.
  4. Benefiting from Sao Khue Promotion Program which is designed specifically for Sao Khue awarded products and services, with continuous activities throughout the year including:
  • To be filmed, interviewed for the reportage film on the introduction of Sao Khue products and services and broadcasted on television.
  • To be introduced in the “Sao Khue Titles on TV” column at: danhhieusaokhue.vn.
  • To be introduced on VINASA website at: vinasa.org.vn.
  • To be introduced on the e- news of VINASA throughout the year.
  • To be introduced and visually promoted on the website of Nhip Song So e-magazine at http://www.nss.vn and  http://biztek.vn.
  • To be introduced on the Program’s official website at danhhieusaokhue.vn and on Vietnam’s IT Directory: www.danhbaict.vn, the most representative information portal on businesses, products, solutions and IT services of Vietnam.
  • To be introduced on the media sponsors of the program according to the needs of businesses with many attractive incentives.
  1. Being introduced by VINASA to over 2,000 agencies, departments, ministries, branches, heads of provinces, cities and large corporations of Vietnam.
  2. Being supported by VINASA to send direct recommendation letters to potential customers of those whose products / services / solutions achieve Sao Khue Award.
  3. Being reported on television channels, newspapers, social networks …
  4. Getting priority and preferential treatment when participating in trade promotion programs, domestic and international trade programs and business development support activities organized by VINASA throughout the year.
  5. Being supported by VINASA, jointly organizing seminars and exhibitions to introduce and market products / services to potential customers within the country and abroad
  6. Being supported in organizing, advertising and communication activities through conferences, seminars, and connections with potential customers of the business if required.
  7. Participating in the roadshow to promote Sao Khue products and services in localities under each theme organized by VINASA.
  8. Being given priority to VINASA’s consideration to nominate for the Asia Pacific ICT Alliance (APICTA) Awards 

Chapter III



Article 7. Procedures for judging and recognizing Sao Khue Awards:

1. The process of evaluating, judging and recognizing Sao Khue Awards includes 03 basic steps as follows:

a) Registration: Enterprises and organizations with IT products, solutions and services register for participation in the program within the time limit prescribed by the Organizing Committee’s guidance.

b) Preliminary Selection:Based on the criteria of the program, the Organizing Committee conducts the evaluation and select the products / solutions / services eligible for the presentation round.

c) Presentation:

Enterprises with products, solutions and services participating in the program will present to the judges established by the Program Organizing Committee consisting of prestigious experts from  Ministry of Information and Communications,  Ministry of Science and Technology,  Ministry of Industry and Trade, senior experts in the industry, some relevant agencies and journalists. Each judging committee consists of 4-5 members.

The judges are responsible for evaluating the products and services in the presentation round according to the Program’s grading criteria and selecting the list of nominees for the final round.

d) Final Round

At the final round, basing on the evaluation results of the judges, registration documents and/or customer contact (if any) and juding criteria,the Council unanimously will select the best and most qualified IT products, solutions and services to be awarded with the title “Sao Khue ” and “TOP 10 Sao Khue”.

Article 8. Criteria:

  1. Products and services participating in the Program are evaluated and selected according to the method of scoring with each group of criteria: Originality and creativity; Effectiveness; Market potential; Features that meet user needs; Technology and product quality; Revenue and market; Customer service; Brand reputation and operational capability of enterprises and organizations; the completeness of the submitted documents  and the presentation capacity of the enterprise.
  2. The specific judging criteria are set by the Program Organizing Committee annually in accordance with the actual situation and requirements, development orientation of the industry as well as the needs of society.
  3. Products and services awarded with Sao Khue title are outstandingones, meeting the judging criteria of the Program and recognized by the Final Selection Council. 

Chapter IV


Article 9. Expenses for organizing the Program:

  1. Organizing expenses including the costs to organize the selection, evaluation, organization of the Awards Ceremony and the Sao Khue promotion program to promote and deploy marketing services for the awarded products and services
  2. Enterprises and organizations are free of charge when registering to participate in the program. All expenses was funded by VINASA from the operating budget and sponsorship.
  3. Enterprises and organizations whose products and services given Sao Khue Awards are responsible for contributing funds to organize activities for the purpose of advertising, communication and marketing. The specific contribution amount is determined by VINASA annually based on the  revenue scale of products and services. For details, please visit the official website at://danhhieusaokhue.vn                                                                                                                       

Chapter IV


Article 10. Enforcement  terms:

  1. VINASA Office, businesses and organizations participating in the Sao Khue Award are responsible for coordinating the organization in accordance with the provisions of this Regulation. Should any violation of this regulation as well as the regulations of the Program Organizing Committee happen, one might be considered for removal from the program, the recognized list or awarded titles.
  2. This Regulation takes effect from the date of signing. In the course of implementation, if there are any points that need amendments and supplements, the VINASA Office shall summarize and report to the VINASA Standing Committee for consideration and decision.