Diễn Đàn Đất Đai


Businesses and organizations do not have to pay fees when registering to participate in the voting program. All expenses for voting are balanced by VINASA from the operating budget and the funding mobilization.

Enterprises and organizations with products and services recognized with Sao Khue Award are responsible for contributing funds to organize joint activities for the purpose of advertising, communication and marketing of products and services receiving the Award. The specific contribution rate is annually determined by VINASA based on the revenue scale of Sao Khue Award products and services. Details are as follows:

I / With IT products, solutions and services of Groups 1 and 5:

The contribution of VND 16 million for each product or service with a revenue of less than VND 2 billion in 2019.

The contribution of VND 20 million for each product or service has a revenue in 2019 from VND 2 billion to less than VND 4 billion.

The contribution of 24 million VND for each product or service has a revenue in 2019 from 4 billion to less than 8 billion VND.

The contribution of VND 28 million for products and services with a revenue of 2019 from VND 8 billion or more.

II / For free, unpaid or indirect revenue products from advertising sources or other sources with revenues and products of Groups 2, 3 and 4: the common contribution is VND 22 million.

III / For internal use products only: a general contribution of VND 26 million is applied.

* Note: Products in this regulation include: software products, software solutions