Diễn Đàn Đất Đai


Sao Khue Award 2020 titles in 5 categories:

Category 1: Outstanding products, software solutions with 24 specific professional fields:

  • E-government
  • Enterprise Management
  • Accounting, Finance, Banking
  • Sale management, Distribution and Supply chain
  • Real Estate
  • Advertising, Marketing and Digital Marketing
  • Education and Training
  • Transportation
  • Health, Wellbeing and Beautifying
  • Industry and Manufacturing
  • Agriculture and food processing
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • HR and office solutions
  • Resources, Energy and Utilities
  • Engineering and Construction
  • Platforms and Applied tools
  • E-payment
  • E-commerce
  • Media and E-entertainment
  • Security solutions
  • Environment and Sustainability
  • R&D
  • Others

Category 2: Products, Solutions applying 4.0, not refering to specific fields, applying new technologies AI, IoT, Big Data, Blockchain, SMAC, RPA, VR, AR…)

Category 3: Products, Solutions by Startups, not refering to specific fields. Startups satisfy these following requirements:

  • No more than 03 years of Establishment on registration date
  • Founder or/and Product owner is the same as principal shareholder
  • Independent from another company

Category 4: New products and software solutions, not refering to specific fields, officially on markets but no later than 12 months on registration date, generating revenue and attracting users.

Category 5: IT services in 09 specific professional services:

  • Outsoucing
  • BPO
  • Data Center
  • IT Training
  • E-content
  • Cloud Computing & Big Data
  • Information security
  • Digital Transformation
  • Others